KARACHI: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on Wednesday visited Karachi and addressed officers and soldiers of the Karachi Corps and Sindh Rangers as part of his farewell tour.

The army chief lauded them for their significant successes in improving the security situation of Karachi and other parts of Sindh. “Life has returned to Karachi and business activity has picked up with its huge contribution to revival of national economy,” he said.

“Any nefarious designs of enemies of Pakistan to keep the metropolitan on the boil have been blunted and the gains cannot be allowed to be reversed.

“Together with the provincial government, the efforts to help build the capacity of civil law enforcing institutions must continue for sustainable peace,” said the army chief.

Gen Sharif also appreciated all ranks for maintaining vigilance along the international borders. He acknowledged the delivery of social services by army and Rangers to the residents of remote areas and desolate deserts of Sindh in disasters and crises situations.