islamabad - Special Advisor to Prime Minister, Irfan Siddiqui yesterday inaugurated the ‘Readers Club Membership’ scheme at National Book Foundation. The Advisor on National History and Literary Heritage said in the ceremony that under this scheme every member will be privileged to get the book on 55 per cent discount rates.

“The scheme because of some issues is being launched late but it is being inaugurated in the entire country now,” he said. NBF is being awarded Rs 30 million annually and the advisor to PM said that efforts are underway to increase the amount.

He also stated that this department is an example for other institutions, as it is playing vital role in promoting book reading culture.

According to him, the scheme will be extended in future and children will also be made member of readers club.

“Children and young readers would be taught about the heroes of war of independence, literature, civilization in an attractive way,” he said. A number of people were present in the ceremony who expressed their interest in getting the membership of newly inaugurated scheme.