PESHAWAR - Activists of various minority groups have demanded of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government to implement five per cent quota in government jobs in order to enable them to play their due role in community development and prosperity of Pakistan.

All Pakistan Hindus Minority Rights Chairman Haroon Sarabdyal said that there was no transparency in the funds of minorities and each department should publish its records that where funds of minorities were spent.

He said that there was no census, and population of minorities had been increased to a great extent therefore increasing job quota in KP up to five per cent was the need of the time.

He also lauded the role of the Fata Secretariat for holding Diwali ritual in the Fata and distributing 65 shawls for the widows belonging to the Hindus community.

He said that sincere efforts would be needed to further improve the plight of religious minorities in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. 

He said that the funds which were being given to the minorities in various heads should be distributed through a cross cheque, because this method would not allow an opportunity to corrupt people to embezzle funds of the minorities.

Talking to The Nation, Pervez Khan, a WAPDA employee and member of Christian community, told that five per cent quota in the government jobs for all minorities was insufficient in this era of growing population and the government must formulate the policy to increase their quota in the government departments.

He added that every province had made legislation for minority quota and they were being given five per cent, but the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government would yet implement three per cent quota for minorities.

He added that members of the minorities’ community were active citizen in this country and they were earning their income by doing hard labour.

He said that they were playing an active role in the development of the country and feel themselves proud to be Pakistani citizens.

He said that besides job quota everything was fine in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, adding that they were feeling safe and happy like other Pakistanis but proper quota in education was needed. He said that increase in job quota would further empower them to play imminent role in the development of the society.

Radish Ton Sing, a businessman by profession, told that former slain minister of minorities Sardar Suran Singh played an active role for the development of minorities.

He said that he was well aware of the problems facing the people and played an active role for the empowerment of the people.

He said that the current quota of three per cent which was still not imposed in the government department needed to be increased by up to five per cent as population was increasing with passage of time and there was no census to calculate the actual population of Christian, Sikh and Hindus. 

Pakistan Minority Youth Wing President Arshad Massih also demanded an increase in their quota up to five per cent and implementation of the old three per cent.

He said that despite the notification three per cent quota was still not implemented.