ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday announced that known lawyer Naeem Bokhari would lead PTI's legal team in the Supreme Court for the Panama leaks case.

The announcement from the PTI chief came after veteran lawyer Hamid Khan had announced to disassociate himself from the party's legal team in the Panama leaks hearing.

"We appreciate everything that Hamid Khan has done for the party, and there was a lot of pressure on him [from the media]," Imran said, while talking to reporters in Bani Gala.

“We have decided that we will announce a four-member team for the legal proceedings who will then appoint other people, as they need for this case,” he said, adding Naeem Bokhari, Babar Awan, Sikander, and Maleeka Bokhari, who has previously worked with Hamid Khan as well, would be part of the legal team.

Imran said that PTI's legal team would start preparing the case for 29 November, the next date of hearing in Panama case, from Tuesday.

"Our initial petition was filed by Naeem Bokhari, and he will lead the legal proceedings, which will happen through regular consultations and team strategy meetings," the opposition leader said. Imran said that on three different occasions Nawaz Sharif did not remember the Qatari prince. “So from where did this letter suddenly came from,” he questioned. 

He said that representatives of the ruling PML-N had been hitting themselves left, right and centre over the past seven months trying to find all possible loopholes to promote their story of "clean money" and great business sense, and now suddenly this prince had made his entry.  “We have collected a lot of evidence but it is up to our lawyers as to what they will present in the court,” the PTI chairperson said.

He also criticised those who used to call his legal team as weak.  I used to watch with so much amusement as we have seen some corrupt people, even from parties other than the PML-N, looking for loopholes to save Nawaz Sharif, Imran said.

The PTI chairperson said that Hamid Khan had remained associated with the PTI for 20 years and would continue to be.

“This is not Imran Khan's personal case. This is Pakistan's case and as an opposition we are raising our voice for it and facilitating the courts as much as we can,” he said.

Panama Papers was an international expose and investigations started world over, the PTI chairperson said.


INP adds: Imran Khan said there would be no more sit-ins as soon as an investigation started into the Panama leaks.

Speaking to reporters at London’s Heathrow Airport before leaving for home, Imran said Panama leaks is a test case in the SC. He said he has high hopes from the Supreme Court with regard to the Panama leaks case hearings. "There will be no more sit-ins," Imran said.  In London, Imran attended the wedding ceremony of his friend’s sister. Imran who travelled via flight PIA-758 and landed at Lahore Airport left the airport without interaction with the local media.