SIALKOT-A neck and neck contest is expected between PML-N and the PTI-PPP alliance in the election of chairman of Sambrial Municipal Committee.

The political alliance between PTI and PPP is giving a hard time to the PML-N ahead of the local bodies elections of reserved seats in Sambrial tehsil. Both PTI and PPP won four seats out of total seven reserved seats in Sambrial Municipal Committee by giving very tough time to PML-N during the recently held elections on the special seats. PML-N could win only three seats out of total seven reserved seats.

MPA Arshad Javaid Warrich and his daughter Hina Arshad Warraich, expected PML-N candidate for the slot of chairperson of Zila Council are supervising the LB politics in Sambrial tehsil, while PTI’s local leader Ch Azeem Noori Ghuman is battling for PTI to win the slot of chairman.

Ch Azeem Noori Ghuman said that the PTI was in very strong position to win the slot of chairmanship. There are total 27 seats of Sambrial Municipal Committee, out of which both sides (PTI and PML-N) are claiming to get the half of the votes in the elections of the chairman of Sambrial Municipal Committee.

They said that the results of the elections on the reserved seats have proved that the PML-N seems to be in “hot water”. Both PTI and PPP have vowed to field a joint potential candidate against PML-N candidate, as the PTI was eyeing on the slot of Chairman of Sambrial.