ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) Absar Alam yesterday said the authority was focusing on introduction of modern technology in Pakistani media .

Talking to media after meeting with Director Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development Chang Jin here at the PEMRA headquarters, he said digital technology will be the game changer for Pakistani media .  He said the use of new technology in media is need of the hour.

He said that PEMRA will promote use of this technology in Pakistani media with the assistance of China and AIBD.

He said that the Supreme Court had already allowed the PEMRA to continue the process of DTH bidding as per schedule. He said that the bidding process of DTH will be pure under the supervision of representative of concerned national institutions.

He dispelled the impression being given by the cable operators that the DTH would damage the cable industry. “In developed countries like the United States and Germany where DTH system had been launched over 20 years ago, penetration of the DTH is only 30 per cent and 70 per cent viewers still depend on the cable system,” he added.

Meanwhile, Director AIBD Chang Jin said that AIBD has mandated to achieve a vibrant electronic media environment in the Asia-Pacific region through policy and resource development.

He said that the institute seeks to fulfill this mandate by mobilising the intellectual and technological resources available within the national broadcasting organisations of its member countries. He said the institutions will fully cooperate with Pakistan to enhance the modern technology for effective media.

According to PEMRA announcement, the DTH bidding will be held today (Wednesday) here.  The twelve shortlisted companies will be participated in bidding and three companies would be awarded the DTH licences.    

On the other hand, the cable Operator Association stopped the cable services across the country after failing negotiations with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar over the issue of DTH bidding. The cable operators asked the government to stop the DTH launching in Pakistan till next two years.

Earlier cable operators staged a protest in front of the PEMRA headquarters and Chairman Cable Operator Association Khalid Arain said that the chairman PEMRA promised with association that the Authority would not launch the DTH in next two years.

According to the reports, the PEMRA teams along with police raided cable operators offices in different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to restore the cable service.  But, the cable Operators said they would not restore the services till the decision of postpone the DTH bidding.