SIALKOT-A rift between Federal Minister Khawaja Asif and Daska-based PML-N MNA Sahibzada Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah has cropped up on the issue of nomination of candidate of District Council chairman.

With “war” between both the sides on, political observers said that the “grass suffers when two elephants fight”. The political differences between the two big wigs caused loss to the PML-N in the Local Bodies elections.

The local PML-N leadership did not give share in the reserved seats in District Council due to which the MNA fielded his own candidate namely Faisal Shah and he won the special reserved seat against the PML-N candidate Sarfraz Ghuman during the recently held LB elections on reserved seats.

As a result, the PML-N leaders are openly and publically criticising MNA Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah. This is a setback to PML-N in local politics, the observers said. Earlier, the MNA wanted to get his cousin Syed Hassaanatul Hassan Shah nominated as PML-N candidate for the slot of Chairman of District Council.

However, the local leadership and even Khawaja Muhammad Asif wanted to nominate Idrees Ahmed Bajwa, the president of PML-N Sialkot District, or Hina Arshad Warraich, the daughter of Sambrial based MPA Arshad Javaid Warraich, as the candidate.

At present, the PML-N has been divided into two main groups namely Kh Asif Group and Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah Group over the issue. Both the groups are blaming each other for working against the party’s interest.

The supporters of the two groups are found chanting slogans against each other. Iftikharul while addressing his supporters and party workers at his Dera in village Aallo Mahaar Sharif-Daska, said that having chairmanship of Zila Council was his basic right because of his prolonged loyalty with the party and the political determination and sacrifices given by him and his family.

He said he was battling against the PML-N local leadership, which he said, ignored him. After the completion of the elections, the PML-N have only 91 seats out of total 146 seats of Zila Council as it lost 39 seats to the independent candidates supported by PML-N MNA Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah against the local PML-N candidates while the PTI also got 14 seats as well.

MNA Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah’s political opposition caused a big political loss of 39 seats won by the independent candidates by defeating the PML-N candidates.