SAIDQABAD-: Perhaps, the PPP is no longer a party of the poor which has made me realised to sit at home and quit politics. PPP Minority Wing tehsil secretary general Shri Gordhan Ram Chohan said while announcing his defection from the party here. Unveiling the reason behind his defection, he said that indifference of the PPP local leaders towards the minority problems forced him to quit the party.

Talking to the media here the other day, he said that he remained worker of the PPP from 1974 to 2016 and always raised the PPP flag even in the reign of dictatorship. “But the local party leadership have turned a blind eye to the miseries of minorities,” he alleged, regretting that he repeatedly visited the party leaders for submission of nomination forms but they always sent him back with empty-handed.

Now, he has decided to sit at home and quit all kind of political activities.