For any politician and citizen of Pakistan the Red Line is crossed by disloyalty and provoking rebellion against country or violation of Constitution. This Red Line was crossed by Altaf Hussain on 6 November 2004 while addressing an international conference organized by Hindustan Times at Delhi. Earlier on 17 September 2000 he termed division of South Asia as “biggest blunder in history of mankind. The venom he spitted against creation of Pakistan merited a hard hitting response and restrictions on MQM, till such time party members publicly disassociated and severed all links with their leader.

The unfortunate bitter reality is that Musharraf continued to support MQM and Altaf Hussain and never demanded a public apology, nor an explanation. Yet when it came to Nawab Akbar Bugti who demanded more autonomy, but never spitted similar venom against Pakistan, he ordered military action against him. This encouraged Altaf’s separatist agenda and he went on repeatedly making a mockery of our laws. It was at behest of Altaf and support of Musharraf that 12 May 2007 massacre took place. We have witnessed the burning alive of over 280 innocent citizens in Baldia Karachi factory for refusal to pay Bhatta demanded by activists of MQM. Finally encouraged by failure of state to enforce its writ, he made controversial speech on 21 August 2016 while addressing Karachi Hunger Strike camp, where he made accusations of state sponsored terrorism and harboring TTP and other banned organizations and raising slogan of “Pakistan Murdabad”.

The question arises why Musharraf should not be accused of encouraging anti Pakistan agents like Altaf Hussain just to achieve his political objectives? He betrayed Quaid’s vision and sacrifices of valiant shaheed like Captain Sarwar, Major Tufail, Major Aziz Bhatti, Rashid Minhas etc who laid down their lives for Pakistan.


Lahore, November 13.