KHAIRPUR - A two-day international conference on ‘Business and Management: Navigating; the Future’, began here at Shah Abdul Latif University’s (SALU) campus on Wednesday under the auspices of the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, (SALU) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC). Professor Dr Noor Ahmed Shaikh, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Main Campus, presided over the inaugural session while Major General (r) Agha Umar Farooq was the chief guest on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Dr Noor Ahmed Shaikh said, “For a business to sustain and be profitable, our planet has to be sustainable. In management there is a rise in groups of firms which together provide complex products and related services to meet the requirements of users across the value chain. The integration between media, technology and telecommunication firms is already making waves and would be an apt example from contemporary era.”

Major General Agha Umar Farooque said businesses had a key role to play in the development of any country. “The educational institutions could produce skilled workforce having an expertise in the nation building,” he said, and added it was high time that new innovations and latest trends were promoted for entrepreneurship. He further said that the emergence of nations such as India, Brazil and China as economic powers had replaced the era of unquestioned dominance by the western countries or any particular region.

He appreciated the efforts of SALU administration for the promotion of the culture of discourse at the university.

Dr Amar Bin Muhammad Rasli, from Malaysia, presented his keynote speech on ‘Future Needs of New Knowledge Creation,’ and said that the blurring of boundaries between nations and their increased interconnectivity, as accelerated by technology, had led to change in the world order that would have a profound impact on global business.

He further said that in the contemporary age of technology and information boom, there was a need of business education to better manage the nation building tasks.

Speaking on ‘Cyber Crimes against Business’: Causes & Prevention Strategies’, Dr Mahmood Hussain Shah, from UK, said, “It is the fact that all businesses connected to the internet may fall victim to cyber crimes. At times, the criminals try to increase their ability to steal money directly or to turn stolen data into money.” He said the problem was that while most information security professionals were well aware of the threats cyber crimes posed to businesses, senior executives were mostly unaware of the severity of the problem.  He suggested enhancing the cyber security in order to keep your businesses safe.

Professor Dr Noor Shah Bukhari, Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, welcomed the guests and said, “This is the first ever conference organised by the Department of Business Administration under the auspices of Faculty of Management Sciences.” He thanked the HEC for sponsoring the conference. He hoped the conference would pave the way for the enhancement of skills of businessmen.

Professor Shah Muhammad Luhrani and Professor Dr Amanat Ali Jalbani also spoke on the occasion, while Professor Dr Minhoon Khan Laghari, Professor Dr Ikhtiar Ali Ghumro, Professor Dr Amir Ahmed Khuhro, Professor Dr Chandan Lal, Professor Dr. Amir Ali Chandio, Professor Dr Amir Ali Chandio, Dr Salih Memon, Dr Maseehullah Jatoi, Dr Irfan Mirani, Dr Sumaya Shah, Dr Muneer Shah Rashdi,  Dr Rehman Gul Gilal, Dr Ismaeel Soomro,  Barkatullah Qureshi, Altaf Hussain Bhutto and a large number of teachers and students attended the session.