Najam Sethi`s replacement for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Ehsan Mani, who was previously acquainted with key positions in the International Cricket Council, comes in with great rapport amongst the cricketing fraternity, and from his statements on Tuesday, big dreams as well.

Speaking at the Pakistan Super League (PSL) players’ draft on Tuesday, Mr. Mani said that he is hopeful all PSL matches will be played in Pakistan in the next two to three years.

The fact that this is the new Chairman’s first PSL in charge ensures that all eyes will be on him considering his predecessor. Like Sethi, Mani is quite hopeful of bringing back PSL, the complete PSL as per say, to Pakistan one day. Bringing all matches back is the correct objective and the right one to start with to generate spirit for the start of the PSL season.

PSL in Pakistan will be significant in terms of economic value to primary stakeholders like the PCB itself and various franchises. It will enable the masses to get involved in the cricketing super saga finally after years of watching their own league on TV screens. If successful, PSL on home ground will not only increase league revenues but in fact pave out a way for international cricket to be restored once and for all. A premier sporting event like the PSL can rejuvenate other international sports like Hockey, Squash and Tennis which have been brought to a standstill.

While the dream of a patriotic Cricket league played on home ground is an exciting one, is it realistic? Given the success of the last series, the conditions are ripe- PSL is our premier sporting event and Pakistan is ranked first in the world when it comes to T20- which allows us to go to foreign boards issuing NOCs to their players with a strong front. However, the uncertainty that comes with the territory still exists- Mani’s hope of bringing back PSL to Pakistan will rest on the security circumstances of the time.

However that does not mean that the PCB needs to just cross its fingers and hope for the best. There is a lot that Mani can do to ensure our cities provide the best place for the matches- the renovation work on Karachi stadium needs to be completed with perfection, the Board needs to work with the government to ease the flow of traffic and congestion during match times, and the uncertain situation with the 6th franchise needs to be solved soon.