Stories of brutal assassinations have become a common occurrence in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and another person to lose his life to state terrorism is Hafizullah Mir, the political leader of Tehreek-i-Hurriyat — a group that challenges India’s sovereignty over Kashmir. What is even more traumatic is how he was assassinated right outside his house by police officials and the attack also left his wife injured. There is absolutely no regard for human life and the state of affairs in IOK is such that they do not accommodate and grant people their basic rights. Post-independence, the people of Kashmir have witnessed nothing but bloodshed and political resolution to the situation.

The Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan was quick to issue a statement in this regard, not only condemning the killing of Hafizullah Mir but also the innocent girls who were badly injured. India has failed to provide them with a safe space. It is very obvious from the lack of political solutions provided to individuals with an independent mindset. The growth of independent political parties is snubbed and the elections, quite recently as well, are conveniently maneuvered to follow the larger agenda set for Kashmir.

A country which is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) must be held responsible for its actions. The state authorities have conveniently blamed militants for the assassination. Mir was only just released from a two years long imprisonment and state authorities failed to guarantee his protection and safety. This is true for all those living in the Kashmir Valley and such gross human rights violations need to be acknowledged and addressed, especially when a member country is experiencing terrorism inside their borders.

The governance of Kashmir as an emergency state needs to end and a proper political solution should be sought out because 70 years of torture and threats to a valley of people is against the rights professed by the Human Rights Charter. With the plans of stability for this region being pursued - a very important aspect of it is the resolution of the Kashmir issue. If Kashimiris support the demand for a plebiscite, as per the requirements of the UN, then it is what should be pursued. This will not only improve the stability of the region but also improve ties between India and Pakistan which have remained severed post-independence.