Mandi Bahauddin-Computerised Land Record Centres in Mandi Bahauddin district have been closed since Nov 11, 2019, causing multiple problems for people of the district.

A large number of farmers protested against closure of centre and complained that these centres were established to end influence of the Patwari and check fraud and forgery by revenue field staff. “However this objective could not been achieved,” the protesting farmers regretted. They raised slogans to open the centres, stop corruption in revenue department and land record centres. They told electronic and print media persons that before establishment of Arazi Centers they had to visit Patwari for resolving their problems relating to land record. Now they have to shuttle between Patwarkhana and Arazi Centre for correction of record and preparation of Fard Badar. They said record of Arazi Centre and Patwarkhana do not tally with each other. At the time of opening, teh computerised land record centre original record, especially FARD PARAT SARKAR was not correctly scanned. In every Khewat and Khata there are mistakes and omissions regarding parentage, Square No, Kila Number and owner names. For their correction, the land holders have to first apply to ADLR who referred the case to Patwari for report. Patwari keeps on delaying the case till he is bribed. The report, thereafter has to be taken to Gardawar and then to Tehsildar. After their endorsement, the report has to be submitted to ADLR. The ADLR issue a profoma and again directs the applicant to get Fard Badar prepared from Patwari. This is a difficult and time consuming task. The applicant visit Patwarkhana where Patwari is often absent. However, clerks employed by Patwari are available. They openly demand heavy bribe for making report on behalf the Patwari. Without greasing their palms it is just not possible to get any report prepared. Some citizens do complain to Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner against Patwari and his involvement in mal practices. But no action is taken against the delinquents. The farmers said Arazi Record Centre Staff is on strike to press their demand for regularization of their contractual service and increment. This is a matter related to government and farmers have no hand in this issue So why are they being punished, they asked.

They demanded the government should accept reasonable demand of the strikers and Arazi Record Centre should be made functional to facilitate them in resolving their problems. They also demanded the government should take measures to end corruption from the Revenue Department. Time limit for deciding cases related to land partition and correction of land record should be fixed for speedy justice. They further complained that Citizen Portal has failed to improve service delivery. Complaints initiated through the citizen portal are marked to subordinates who do not care to attend them and keep on delaying the matter. After some time, the complaints are dropped with remarks that partial relief has been provided which is just white lie. Things will not improve unless accountability at all levels is ruthlessly implemented, protesting farmers stressed.