To improve the education standard in government schools and colleges in Sindh and Balochistan specifically and generally in all four provinces of Pakistan, 3rd party monitoring and evaluation should be introduced in schools and colleges. This would definitely have a positive impact on education standard if reputed 3rd party from private sector should be procured. Public-private partnership would bring fruitful results. There are some schools in remote areas of almost every district of Sindh where neither students attend classes nor teachers report and such ghost teachers aspire to have such postings in remote areas so that they should not go there.

Officials of 3rd party monitoring & evaluation firms would visit each school and college physically and randomly without intimation and note down certain parameters like attendance, percentage of completion of curriculum, teachers ability to delivering lectures and teaching techniques and above all availability of teachers and report the same to governing body in black and white in report form. Principle of monitoring is that educational institutions whether it is school or college would be visited twice or thrice in a month whichever deem fit or agreed over as per the need.

Each month monitoring reports would be evaluated at the month end which would tell the story that what is the average attendance remained in a month and how much curriculum has been completed and what should be pace of completion of curriculum so that timely completion of curriculum and quality education may be ensured. Monitoring would enable to ascertain the present progress while evaluation tell the measures to be taken to get desired results.