This practice of exploiting religion for achieving short term political objectives must end. Prominent Islamic scholars like Maulana Muhammad Asad have given authentic interpretation based on Holy Quran and Sunnah, that there is no concept or space in Islam for either monarchy, nor dictatorial rule. Yet so called clergy has given Fatwas declaring numerous such regimes as Islamic. In Pakistan we have witnessed, the oppressive junta of Zia-ul-Haq, who devoid of any concern for human rights or ethics, embarked upon CIA funded Jihad, which in Islam can only be waged by legitimate competent head of state to free Muslims from tyrannical occupation leading to self rule and freedom.

The Holy Quran has clearly elaborated role of Hypocrites, who would misinterpret religion for ulterior selfish motives. This was a unique Jihad waged by likes of Zia and others of his kind, which was not participated by able-bodied leadership and their offspring.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim youth were brainwashed to be used as cannon fodder to appease their CIA paymasters. Over 80,000 died, while few members of Zia and his junta went from rags to riches. Pakistan and its territorial sovereignty compromised and country forced to endure bloodshed which continues to destroy us from within. The least that can be done is to posthumously hold a trial for those who were involved in this betrayal, followed by seizure of all assets owned by their off-springs, which cannot be justified by their declared sources of income. If elected PM can be tried, why not such paid tyrannical paid public office holders who betrayed their oath and harmed this country.