LOS ANGELES-Mel B wants to move back to England because she can’t find work in the US.

The former ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge has filed court documents asking to change the custody agreement she and ex-husband Stephen Belafonte have for their eight-year-old daughter Madison as her US visa will expire next year.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, she wrote: ‘’As the court is well aware, my marriage to Stephen was unhealthy. I was subjected to years of verbal and sexual abuse by Stephen, which included his active isolation of my daughters and me (including Madison) from my home and family in the United Kingdom. ‘’My United States Visa expires in February 2020. I will not be permitted to work or live in the United States after that point. During my marriage to Stephen, we lived in Los Angeles, where I worked. However, all of my sources of income in the United States have been ll exhausted. ‘’My contract on the show, ‘America’s Got Talent’ ended in September of 2018 after several years of my participation. I have not had steady income in the US for over a year.’’

Stephen currently gets overnight custody of Madison every Wednesday and every other weekend and Mel has promised to still provide him with ‘’reasonable visitation’’ if she’s given permission to move back to her native Leeds, pointing out the youngster travelled between Los Angeles and the UK during the Spice Girls comeback, and that her ex-husband regularly travels too.