Awaran is the biggest district of Balochistan which is been ignored by the previous governments. It is high time highlight the fundamental issues of the district Awaran. I observed that it is in this status because of the last government and the leaders of the district and it was a big loose for the district when the earthquake accord 24 September 2013.there many school, hospital are destroyed till date the schools, hospital, and other governatal offices were not rebuilt. Besides these 2600 families were affected on earthquake among them 2000 have gotten some facilities and six hundreds poor families houses were destroyed by the earthquake still they have not gotten any thing from the government and they are living in huts and tents waiting for the help but no one is ganna visit and help them. After the completing of six years no one ganna provide them the fundamental rights as bread, shelter and clothes.

It is requested to the Prime minister of Pakistan, Chief minister of balochistan Sardar Jam Kamal Khan and the other government authorities to pay their attention on the concerned issue.