ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has made it clear to India that any false flag operation will not be tolerated and a misadventure will invite a matched response.

Foreign Office spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said that India should not dare strike inside the Pakistani territory.

“In the past too they had to bite the dust. If they go for a false flag operation, they will find nowhere to hide,” he told The Nation. The spokesperson said that India had been warned time and again to stay within limits and support Pakistan’s efforts for peace in the region.

“As a policy we want peace in the region and the whole world. We have only responded when India had forced us to do so,” he reminded.

Chaudhri recalled that India’s belligerent action against Pakistan on February 26, 2019 was defeated within no time. He added that the Indian misadventure was effectively countered by the Pakistan Air Force, which resulted in the downing of two Indian warplanes and capture of an Indian pilot. Despite India’s provocations, the Indian pilot was released by Pakistan as a peace gesture, said the spokesperson.

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan had cautioned that India was planning an armed attack on Pakistan. His warning came as India committed ceasefire violations along the Line of Control, leaving several civilians injured.

“I am reiterating again that a false flag operation is imminent from India in order to divert world attention away from its ongoing genocide in IOJK (Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir),” Mr Khan had said in a tweet.

Tensions between nuclear-armed neighbours flared-up after New Delhi revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Special Assistant to the PM Imran Khan on National Security Dr Moeed Yusuf said the UNSC resolutions were the only mechanism to solve the Kashmir dispute and India should reverse its August 05, 2019 move before any substantive and meaningful dialogue is possible.

Yusuf accused India of using coronavirus as a cover to further expand its so-called oppression of Kashmiri people.

The global community, the UN and health-related international organizations need to take urgent note of the grave humanitarian situation in the region and provide immediate medical relief, he added.

Reiterating PM Imran Khan’s statements, Yusuf warned that India could use a false flag operation to support its expansionist plans by launching military action against Pakistan.

Separately, Pakistan also urged the UN to follow up on the “evidence” it has provided and “urge India to renounce use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy, dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism it has established to inflict terrorism on Pakistan, and stop the use of other countries’ soil for its terrorist activities directed against Pakistan.”

International relations expert Dr Rasheed Ahmed Khan said India was habitual of misleading the world through falsehood. “Pakistan has sufficient evidence that India is involved in committing subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan. India is a terrorist state and committing state terrorism to destabilize regional peace and stability,” he said.

The indigenous freedom movement in IIOJK, he said, should not be equated with terrorism. “The Indian political and military leadership has confessed that India is financing terrorists to sabotage peace in Pakistan. The international media has also exposed India’s hegemonic designs and expansionist policies. Islamabad needs to pursue aggressive diplomacy in order to counter India’s nefarious designs,” he said.

Khan said the Indian lobby was maligning Pakistan’s image at the international front. Pakistan has many options to counter India’s hegemonic policies.

“India must act as a responsible state and make collective efforts for regional development. Indian political leadership must realize that India cannot rise without taking its neighbours on board. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and we have always endorsed every initiative taken for regional development,” he maintained.