ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Taliban militants ambushed a convoy of security forces in Swat valley killing 15 security personnel in Swat valley, reports said Wednesday. The convoy of six vehicles carrying supplies was attacked late Tuesday night with a roadside remote-controlled bomb at Sarsenay, 30 km from Swat's main city Mingora, local residents said. An exchange of fire erupted between security forces and militants after the blast. The Taliban used rockets and automatic weapons against the group of over 40 security personnel. Local residents said they saw 15 bodies of security personnel at the site of the attack this morning. Three vehicles were destroyed in the attack, they said. "The initial report from the area confirms one policeman and four FC (Frontier Constabulary) men died and some FC soldiers are missing after the ambush," Swat police officer Inam Khan said. Officials claimed five Taliban militants were also killed. Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan claimed responsibility for the attack. Six security personnel were reported missing and Khan said the militants were holding one paramilitary trooper. Khan said an "edict" had been issued to execute the captured trooper. He did not say when the trooper would be executed. The fighting forced local residents to stay indoors as the Taliban took control of the area. Security forces too were confined to their bunkers. The troops targeted militant positions with rockets and mortars from their bunkers Wednesday morning, residents said. In two separate incidents on Tuesday in Kabal sub-district of Swat, security forces killed five Taliban militants in a gunbattle and foiled a bid by a would-be suicide bomber to attack a checkpost. The bomber's explosive-laden vehicle blew up when the troops fired at it, officials said. Meanwhile, the Kohat police arrested 32 more foreign militants near Kohat Friendship Tunnel check post on Wednesday, official sources said. The arrested militants included four Persians, one Uzbek, ten Tajik, six Afghans and a Hazara tribesman who have been shifted to Kohat for further investigations. They were heading towards Quetta from Peshawar without any passport and other identity papers,' the official source said. During last few month the incident of rocket attacks on garrison area, Jungle Khel, Chikar Kote, Bhanagar and many other areas of Kohat were witnessed by the local inhabitants. Earlier this week two rockets were fired from Shahpur hills, which were landed in a graveyard located in Jungle Khel Kohat, no loss to life or property was reported. The security forces have been patrolling these areas regularly. Our Monitoring Desk adds: Three arrested members of a militant gang especially deputed by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have disclosed that RAW has been funding suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan and that the Indian agency has funnelled Rs 680 million through its links with the Afghan secret agency, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday. The militants brazenly admitted that they had been deputed to "destabilise democratic Pakistan" with the sole purpose of "enforcing Shariah" in the country. Operators of an intelligence agency  came into contact with a source who was ready to give information against a reward and he led to the arrest of Khurram Ishtiaq, Ghulam Mustafa and Shamim. The arrested militants were working under Qari Hussain, second-in-command to Baitullah Mehsud. All the three had been arrested on Aug 13 this year while they were on the prowl for a target. The militants had been arrested 'red-handed' as they possessed complete suicide kits, including two jackets and 70kg of explosives and detonators. The accused were hardened militants and they took a lot of time to break down and make confessions. They revealed that Qari Hussain had been working to help three adjutants - Farukh Usman alias Shahjee, Tayyab alias Baba and Ustad, the trainer to destabilise the democratic government.