LAHORE - Another three medics including a Professor of Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, have been reported as dengue patients in their clinical reports here on Wednesday. Besides the doctors, six more fresh cases, two each in the Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Shalamar Hospital, are also detected when their clinical reports confirmed them as dengue patients. Out of these patients two women were identified as 65-year-old Rehana and 80-year-old Mumtaz, residents Muhamdi Street, Muslim Town, Lahore. Shaikh Zayed Hospital doctors, however, did not admit them due to closure of the Sickbay ward set up for the exclusive treatment of the dengue patients. Professor of Medicine of Medical Unit III Dr Irshad Hussain was the first senior doctor who fell victim to the dengue fever in the province. Dr Irshad was treating the patients of dengue fever in the hospital. It is pertinent to mention here that the dengue fever was spreading among the medics rapidly, which is evident from the fact that precautionary measures were not being adopted in the public hospitals during the treatment of the patients. Most important precautionary measure among the others is the setting up of separate wards. The dengue patients who need immediate attention are kept isolated till the treatment in the hospitals. Earlier, a doctor of Shaikh Zayed Hospital emergency department and four nurses were reported to be patients of dengue fever. Dr Nilam of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital complained about temperature while discharging duty in the hospital. The hospital doctors suspected her as dengue patient when they noticed some symptoms of the said disease during her medical examination. Her blood sample was sent for further conformation. The reports later tested her positive. Similarly, her husband Dr Abdul Rauf complained about the symptoms of dengue fever. Later his clinical reports also confirmed him. The dengue patients admitted in Shalamar Hospital are identified as Ayaz Mahmood and Muhammad Shahbaz. Talking to this scribe, Talat Bilal said that he had taken his relatives Rehana and Mumtaz to the Shaikh Zayed Hospital emergency department where they had been provided treatment without any delay. Doctors, however, did not admit them saying that all the beds were occupied, he further said.