UNITED NATIONS-Pakistan has urged the international community to keep its focus on the worldwide trade in big conventional weapons and sensitive technology that disrupts regional balances and escalates tension, instead of an overemphasis on small arms. 'While there is an urgent need to address the challenge of illicit trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), it is at the same time imperative not to allow the SALW debate to divert focus from the destabilising impact of the huge volume of trade in combat aircraft, aircraft carriers, airborne and early warning and control systems, missile defence, nuclear submarines and warships etc as well as related technologies', Pakistani delegate Raza Bashir Tarar told a UN panel on Tuesday. 'Driven mostly by commercial considerations, such trade is bereft of any meaningful legal and moral underpinning', he said in a speech to the General Assembly's First Committee, which deals with Disarmament and Security issues. Speaking in a thematic debate on Conventional Weapons, he said that people of developing countries were the target clientele for such sales. 'It was a moral and legal imperative to promote conventional arms control at the lowest possible levels of armaments and military forces, in order to promote regional and international peace and security'. The key to ensuring success of conventional arms control was in its regional and sub-regional pursuit since most threats to peace and security originated from conflicts between States located in the same region or subregion, he added. 'Efforts must be stepped up to curb excessive and destabilising accumulation of conventional arms, as well as their uncontrolled transfers'. Tarar said that a stable balance of conventional forces was necessary to ensure strategic stability, particularly in regions rife with tensions. In South Asia, Pakistan was pursuing a Strategic Restraint Regime, which had three constituents:  conflict resolution; nuclear and missile restraint; and conventional balance, he said. As part of a dialogue to address outstanding issues and work towards strategic stability and nuclear risk reduction, Pakistan would strive for conventional balance at the lowest possible level of armaments, he added. He said that in the interest of peace and security in South Asia, there must be restraint, both in demand and supply of conventional arms.