Analytical students of history had visualized several years ago that misdeeds of our rulers were leading the country to bloodshed. That analysis proved true in 1971 but the tragedy at Dacca caused no change in the attitude of our feudal rulers. That is the situation now as our westernized ruling class ensconced in posh localities of a few major cities cannot visualize the extreme suffering of the exploited, deprived and neglected majority. A case in point is that of people living in Sui area who are stuck in abject poverty without basic facilities of life even though the Sui gas, a resource drawn from their land, has contributed immeasurably to our national economy. Sui gas is being used by Pakistan as a replacement for imported fuel worth billions of dollars since the early 50s. But the due royalty of Sui gas has been consumed by the rulers. The entire nation paid for development of Islamabad, and now billions of rupees earned from sale of developed plots are being given to the CDA for luxury projects for the ruling elite. Funds are never available for provision of essentials of life to the majority but foreign loans like the drought or earthquake relief funds are squandered or embezzled by Islamabad with impunity. -RAJA. M. AFZAL KHAN, Gujjar Khan, October 20.