LAHORE - Differences between MPAs and nazims of the corresponding union councils is hampering the execution of development schemes identified by the City District Government and Town Municipal Administrations in their respective annual development programme (ADP) for the ongoing fiscal year. The CDG has so far initiated only half of its schemes identified in the ADP while the remaining are still waiting for approval of the District Development Committee which according to the officials looks impossible without settlement between the MPAs and nazims. Out of nine TMAs in the City, only two - Iqbal Town and Aziz Bhatti Town - have initiated development schemes while the remaining seven TMAs have yet to initiate development work. CDG officials say that development schemes have been identified in the ADP but these can only be executed after approval from the DDC headed by the district coordination officer. "Schemes in the ADP are included on the recommendations of UC nazims. MPAs want to revise most of the schemes. Only district nazim can revise any scheme. District nazim is not ready to revise schemes included in the ADP on the recommendation of nazims", said a CDG official on the condition of anonymity. He said that the MPAs were using their influence to stop approval of these schemes from the DDC. Another CDG official say that the Punjab government wants MPAs to be accommodated and consulted in the development work in the City. "Punjab Local Government and Community Development Department made the approval from DDC compulsory for all development schemes about one and a half month back. Now no scheme of the CDG and TMAs can be executed without approval from the DDC. MPAs want these schemes to be revised but only the district nazim and not the DDC can do that," the official said. He said that the differences between the MPAs and the nazims were creating problems for the CDG high ups, causing delay in approval from the DDC. The situation is almost the same in TMAs. The only difference is that the TMAs have not identified schemes and made block allocation for their respective ADP. The MPAs, nazims and naib nazims falling in Aziz Bhatti Town and Iqbal Town have resolved the issue amicably and got the schemes approved by the DDC. The remaining TMAs have yet to start any development scheme due to disagreement between elected representatives.