LAHORE - People Wednesday continued strong protests on the City's roads and took out rallies against the Lesco authorities on the complaints of excessive billing and massive loadshedding. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the Ferozepur Road in protest against over billing and unscheduled loadshedding. They were chanting slogans against the Kotlakhpat Sub Division officials when they refused to attend the complaints of the consumers. Protestors were carrying bills in their hands. They blocked the Ferozepur Road for half an hour creating lot of troubles for the motorists and other road users as traffic remained blocked for a considerable time. Similarly, a large number of Ichra and Fazlia Colony residents took out a big rally against the Lesco authorities and gathered on the Ferozepur Road. They blocked the traffic and chanted slogans against the Lesco officials due to massive loadshedding and complaints of excessive billings. The furious mob tried to march towards Lesco office but the police deployed there stopped them. The police also resorted of baton charge to disperse the protestations when some of them tried to enter the office despite strict security. Resultantly, a few of the demonstrators received minor injuries. Another strong protest demonstrations were also reported in the areas of Shadbagh and Wasonpura. The protestors were carrying placards and electricity bills in their hands and gathered on the roads while chanting slogans against the Lesco authorities. The protestors also burnt bills and blocked the roads for traffic. Bhagatpura, Bhogiwal and Madina Colony residents gathered outside the Lesco offices of their areas on Wednesday morning and expressed their strong agitation over the cruel policy of the Lesco high ups. They were complaining about excessive billing and unannounced loadshedding in their respective areas. However, no untoward incident took place in the said areas despite the fact that the people were looking much angry. Police deployed there dispersed the protestors through negotiations.