The courtiers in the royal court of Maharaja of Oudh were busy discussing whether the British army (sainna in Hindi) was a masculine or feminine gender grammatically when Oudh was conquered in the 18th century. Our parliament is currently holding forth in camera on whether the 'war on terror' is our war or that of US while the Taliban advance in our Tribal Areas, three terrorists explode bombs in one day in Pakistan and another is caught in a 'burqa' at Islamabad airport. I really wonder at the intelligence of this 'democratic parliament'. Can't they see that this war has unraveled beyond our control now? All this has been due to lunacy of one man; George W. Bush. I appeal to our rulers to give us back the peace we had. In the days before we got mired into this war on terror, we lived happily even in our meager incomes between our children. Our streets were safe, we could go to our offices in safety, our women could go out and shop in security. We were able to afford buying tomatoes, onions and flour with out being herded in lines to wait for hours. We long for the time when we were free and had not passed this freedom to the American people. I think it is immaterial whose war it is? The vital questions are that why should this war be fought and who has pushed us into it? -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, October 10.