I would like to request the CCPO and the Chief Minister about the Hajj flights which commence from tomorrow (October 21, 09) from Benazir International Airports Islamabad. The Hajj camp in Peshawar has been arranged by the Hajj Directorate at Phase 7 Hayatabad NWFP Peshawar but it is with out any security. I am a resident of Phase 7 myself who daily passes by the Hajj Directorate on my way to office. I have not noticed any police or FC constable there nor a checkpost. Due to the prevailing law and order situation, it is much too dangerous to leave this vacuum for terrorists who might be tempted to strike a place having a gathering as large as the one we have at the Hajj Complex Phase 7. -MURAD ALI MOHMAND, Peshawar, October 20.