After the attack on the International Islamic University in Islamabad, all the educational institutions in the country have been closed. What a remedy to combat terrorism and save lives of the citizens If this is the remedy we have, we should have closed all cantonments after attack on the GHQ. After the attack on police station, we should have closed all the police stations. After the attack on Marriott, we should have closed all the hotels in the country. I salute the students of IIUI who shouted slogans against the Interior Minister and those who pelted stones and shoes on him. How long can people digest the hackneyed statements of Rehman Malik like, This is conspiracy against Pakistan, a conspiracy against Islam, a conspiracy against democracyetc. etc.. And how long can the people of Pakistan read the hackneyed messages of president has condemned, Prime Minister has condemned, Tom has condemned, Dick has condemned and Harry has condemned. This government is a total disgrace. -FARAH DEEBA MIRZA, Islamabad, October 22.