The most controversial ordinance of all times, NRO, is under hot discussion in the National Assembly. Despite stiff opposition from Mian Nawaz Sharifs PML-N, there is little chance of its rejection. It is likely to have a clean passage because all those who have had their crimes pardoned through its provisions are life members of the ruling clique. As far as the PPP is concerned, all the criminal cases against Mr. Zardari were fake and have always been politically motivated. That is essentially what PPP stalwart Nabeel Gabol had to say on the subject when he recently commented on the NRO. Being in power, the PPP can also claim that the Surrey Palace and other such properties owned by the BB Shaheed and Mr. Zardari in England, USA, Switzerland and Dubai were not purchased by them but actually 'gifted to them by their well-wishers. It might seem a plausible plea to the PPP Jiyalas but the rest of Pakistan would continue to be disturbed by the following question. The cash assets deposited by the couple in foreign banks were frozen by the Pakistan government. Released on account of the NRO, the amount totaled up to US$ 1.6 billion which comes to Rs. 133.28 billion according to the present exchange rate. Before her death the BB Shaheed admitted to ownership of this amount and demanded that since the government of Pakistan kept this money frozen for around a decade, she should be paid the mark-up on it. The question that is still unanswered is, where did this money come from? -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, October 21.