On a popular TV channel the other day, Mr. Fahd Hussain and Mr. Farooq Hasnat were discussing the tactical dynamics of Pak Army operation against the extremists in Waziristan. The point under discussion was that NATO forces have decided to withdraw the forward check posts on the Pak-Afghan borders. The duo continually stressed the point that US should not withdraw from checkposts on its side of the border so that Taliban are unable to retreat back into Afghanistan under pressure of Pakistani advance. I, for one, think that if Taliban run back from our territory to take shelter inside Afghanistan, where they in fact belong, our purpose is well and truly served and our task completed. The space created by the withdrawal of NATO forces from Durand Line also helps the US forces to avoid close battle combat and, thus, helps in saving their casualties. We just have to ensure that no reverse-infiltration takes place thereafter from the Afghan side. -A. Q. ANJUM, Rawalpindi, October 21.