IF anyone in Pakistan had any doubts about the hostile US intent towards this country, especially its defence institutions and capabilities, the move in the US Congress to impose new restrictions on US military aid to Pakistan should set them straight. The Indian hand in this move is clear because one of the rationales is to ensure that this aid does not upset the balance in the region. This is certainly absurd, coming from the Americans who have deliberately sought to upset the strategic nuclear balance as well as the conventional one between Pakistan and India by providing India with nuclear assistance, missile defence systems and a range of conventional state of the art weapon systems through its defence agreements post Clintons Vision document. Ironically, the military assistance to Pakistan, meagre as it is, is purely tactical and serves little purpose against a conventional enemy. After all, night vision devices, a few cobra helicopters and such like are hardly a balance for Indian armour, artillery, planes and missile defence systems. So this aid, such as it is, is intended to help the Pakistan army fight where the US had failed, in its so-called war on terror. For this puny amount of aid Pakistan has been totally destabilised and rent asunder. In addition, our leadership, both past and present, have subjugated the country to US diktat against the wishes of the whole nation. Ironically, this new move in the US Congress against Pakistans military comes in the immediate aftermath of the Zardari governments decision to accept the conditionalities of the Kerry Lugar Act despite an obvious national consensus to reject the same. Therefore, there is also a suspicion that the present political leadership is using the US to weaken the institution of the military as well as to undermine Pakistans defence, especially nuclear capability. Why else would it accept unacceptable conditions on the military and allow the US free access across the country, including in the vicinities of sensitive nuclear facilities? While our military, thankfully, has over the decades ended its reliance on US military systems, there is one area in which one has a terrible sense of dj vu. This is the F-16 order which we have once again placed - commercially as before - which may be a source of blackmail by the US. Since we allowed the US to stop our deliveries and paid a vast amount for nothing, we have set a bad precedence. It is time to set the record straight with the US and before our military gets bogged down in SWA, it needs to take the lead in giving a fitting response to this latest Congressional move, before it is concretised.