Mr Hussain Haqqani while speaking at the World Sindhi Institute on Nov 6, 2006 is reported to have stated Pakistan is not a historical state, like France or India. It is a constitutional state. Pakistan was created in a hurry and. On March 2, 2004, addressing the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Mr Haqqani again stated Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are two of the most difficult allies of US. They are not allies at all...but sources of trouble..... The fact that an Al-Qaida terrorist feels so comfortable with Pakistani intelligence officers is a source of worry in itself. Of course, we all know about Mr. Haqqanis most recent statement that Pakistanis dont understand the Kerry-Lugar Bill because it is in English. May I, a humble taxpaying, law abiding citizen of Pakistan who by choice refuses to hold a dual nationality, ask the Government Of Pakistan as to what prompted it to choose this man to represent me in Washington? -ALI MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, October 21.