According to a report in an Indian newspaper, India will not let Pakistan’s judicial commission visit India to question 26/11 suspects until its own investigation team is allowed to come over to analyse the ‘equipment’ seized from suspects arrested in Pakistan.

The report maintains that New Delhi thinks that Pakistani court is not ready to accept the treaty that allows joint investigation. This is just the kind of charge that remains a major hurdle while the world is being told that Pakistan is reluctant to cooperate. When it is very well known that Pakistan’s judiciary is independent, the mistrust expressed by the Indian side is frustrating. The kind of investigations that New Delhi thinks it can conduct with the purpose of browbeating Pakistani authorities into submitting to the version that they want will further shut the case. The situation becomes more complicated as the entire focus of the Indian apparatus has been to hold Pakistan responsible for the attacks. Islamabad that is itself the biggest victim of terror would only stand to benefit if the culprits of the Mumbai attacks that are a common threat are thrown in jail. For joint cooperation that could lead to unravelling the mystery, the attitude of suspicion and mistrust would have to be given up.