According to the news, a couple who converted from Christianity to Islam was brutally killed by the girl’s brother. Was the reason the conversion or the love marriage? Whatever the reason, such actions need to be condemned and awarded capital punishment as done in Saudi Arabia, to put a stop to any more brutality. Lack of any authority, accountability and rampant corruption in the police department has made crime very easy in Pakistan.

Kalsoom and Bilal’s murders are not the first nor will they be the last, but we have to learn how to live with conversion of faith or love marriage. The continuous absence of tolerance as well as the idea to give space to everyone to practice their own religion is completely missing from our society. Whenever a conversion takes place, our media starts roaring against it and objections are raised by Human Rights Organizations in a bid to prove that it is a forced conversion.

The sad murder of the young converted Muslims speaks volumes about the intolerant society we inhabit. At the same time, Muslims must provide financial and physical security to their brethren to avoid such incidents. We have to educate people and teach them tolerance and respect for all religions.


Islamabad, October 21.