In Pakistan, every public festival brings its own kind of tribulations. August 14 for instance brings a shower of flags lying all over the city streets, and Eid-ul-Fitar brings traffic jams and shopping sprees. This Eid-ul-Azha brings sacrificial animals of all kinds to the city streets. As of now cattle markets have sprung up all over Islamabad. These markets provide the city dwellers with the stock from nearby villages. As usual there is no city management seen as the location of these markets have no proper parking facility and the roads are blocked, not only with customers, but also by trucks loaded with animals and fodder that hamper the traffic flow. People who come to these markets are forced to park on the roads, risking life and property.

The market I unfortunately visited was located near two large hospitals and I could see the ambulances having a problem navigating through the heavy traffic. I would like to request city management to look into the matter and move this market to a location that does not affect traffic and public’s life. The CDA and Islamabad Traffic Police should look into the matter and come up with a plan to ensure smooth traffic flow as long queues of vehicles are also a security threat.


Islamabad, October 21.