Altaf Hussain said on a private TV channel that PML-N as a political party, are dacoit of South Punjab’s rights. This preposterous claim does not behoove a leader of his stature and smacks of stark provincialism. On the contrary, it is PPP and the MQM combined that have usurped the rights of Pakistani people when they opposed the construction of Kalabagh Dam, which could have provided the much needed electricity and provided reserves of water to Pakistan, and avoided the extreme shortage that we are facing now.

Both the parties have stubbornly opposed Kalabagh Dam. Mr Altaf Hussain is on record to have said during General Musharraf’s tenure that he diverted Gen. Musharraf’s attention away from Kalabagh Dam, which was a Herculean task. This statement alone is enough to prove that MQM’s leader is against the progress of not only Punjab but also of Pakistan.

Sitting in his safe and cozy environs of UK, he does not realise the pains of Pakistani people, as a result of water and power shortages leading to mass protests and massive unemployment engendered by non construction of a hydro electric dam since four decades in the country. The whole country has been taken hostage by anti-people policies of PPP and MQM’s unholy nexus. I hope that the people of Pakistan will keep all this in mind when they go to vote in the next elections.


Lahore, October 21.