Invariably making headlines for bomb blasts, Taliban, drones etc, it comes as welcome respite to Pakistan to see the return of innocent pleasures for the common person. Where affordable entertainment has been scarce for the common man in the shape of cinema trips, safely navigable public parks, theatre plays and opportunities to appreciate live international sport, among other things, such activities, while they will not solve the crises in the country, are effective in rebuilding the shattered morale of a 180 million people too easily cast in the stereotypes of trouble makers and terrorists. The criticism that the youth festival in Punjab is a diversionary gimmick by the provincial setup while may technically be true, smacks of a pedantry in the face of the positive emotion and feeling of unity it has been seen to generate. But such distractions are not unhealthy or unwelcome ones; and criticism of them for the sole reason that other matters remain pending, are unfair and simplistic. There are hundreds of opportunities for us to improve, and we must feel the confidence and will to take them on without feeling that recognizing our problems is in any way an embarrassment or a weakness. Strength is in self-correction and effort will always be rewarded. Pakistan must face its challenges head-on and offer Pakistani solutions of Pakistani problems.

Pakistan being one of those lucky countries where the youth is in majority, it stands to reason that the tremendous energy they have is put to constructive use. The youngsters are talented and as the world records show, could mean positive results for Pakistan that are larger than life. One hopes that the spirit that has been witnessed in the past weeks, long may it last and be witnessed across Pakistan.