Pakistan has suffered terribly since the 9/11 incident, for its role as an ally in the war against terror. Everything was put at stake to win the war but like cancer it has slowly destroyed us from inside. The recurrent incidents of violence have made the country bleed. The stone-hearted militants show no mercy for children, women, mosques, churches, educational institutions, markets, security forces, airports and the IDP camps. Pakistan has been declared the most dangerous country to live in. In the last few years, our economy has been hit by the worst natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods.

For the survivors, an unending ordeal continues, as they are left psychologically traumatized and mentally depressed. They are unable to live a normal life after experiencing such traumatic events. The tragic episode left indelible marks on their psyche. The nation is full of depressed and hopeless millions who have faced great loss. Now depression has reached an alarming level due to violence and the unstable government which has brought poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunity, insecurity.

Doctors, engineers and businessmen are facing the same problem of insecurity, whether living in big cities or in far flung areas. Political leaders and workers have also been targeted. Teachers and professors are gunned down just for holding liberal or critical views, many polio workers are attacked for working against the crippling disease and disability. Drone attacks have also terrorized people in FATA and areas bordering with Afghanistan.

The Pakistani society is ruled and controlled more by acts of violence and aggression than resolving the issues through dialogue and peaceful negotiations. The reason is obvious, it is weak execution of law and a lax mechanism that has made the outlaws and human right violators confident in committing organized crimes and becoming mafias. They are the only ones who are prospering in this crime infested nation.


Islamabad, October 20.