Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon as far as Pakistan is concerned, but in the past three months the acts went beyond any limit. Most of the victims were minors and teenage girls, though married and unmarried, as well as aged women too suffered the same fate, to be subjected to heinous offences of murder, honor killing, instigation to suicide, sexual assault, torture, gang rape, prostitution, molestation and notably Karo Kari and Jirga verdicts.

In our patriarchal society, women are dominated and exploited, though Islam raised the status of women, none of that is seen in truth. It is obvious that the crime against women were committed by feudal lords and local self-designated lords and at the same time our impotent authorities dancing to their tunes. Most remorsefully, our law enforcement agencies help these feudally arrange Jirgas. There are strong politicians backed by the police involved in most crimes, so who will catch them, or punish them?


Islamabad, October 21.