Islamabad - Syed Kamal Shah, former secretary interior, Wednesday said that there was a dire need to increase the number of women in police department.

Speaking at a two-day seminar “Women Police: The Silver Lining” organised by Individualland Pakistan, Shah said that less than one percent population of women were recruited in the police departments.

Niaz Ahmed Siddiqui, former IG Sindh who chaired the panel, drew attention of the audience towards women within Pakistan police and was of the view that “there is a need to say goodbye to the culture of firearms. Carrying weapons along promotes the trend of tribalisation and there is a need to move towards civilisation.” While talking of presence of women police officers in the police department, he praised the role of women police and suggested that there should be at least 20 per cent female representation in police department.

Individualland Director Gulmina Bilal said that a team of Individualland had been working for the past seven years on police reforms. Emphasising on the role of women police officers she identified the achievements and challenges of women police officers.

In response to the debate generated by the panel members, Sub-Inspector Najma Khuro from Hyderabad shared her experience, saying: “There is a lack of awareness regarding the need to have women in police department. We live in a society where parents prefer their sons to join police department and discourage their daughters to adopt the same field.”

The seminar will continue today (Thursday).