ISLAMABAD- Supreme Court (SC) has been told that Naseer S M Jaffar has been appointed as new chairman of  PIA and he will soon assume charge of his office.

SC has also summoned head of inquiry committee constituted to probe into harassment of nurse incident on October 27 for presenting  inquiry committee report.

A 3-member bench of SC headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Nasir ul Mulk took up PIA chairman appointment case for hearing Thursday. Attorney General (AG) while presenting report in the court told chairman PIA has been appointed and new chairman will soon assume the charge of his office.

The court remarked that report about new chairman of PIA be presented before it on October, 28. The matter of harassing the incident also came up before the court for hearing. The court was told that a committee had been constituted under deputy manager to probe into the matter and the committee has started investigation process. Investigations are being made from all including Tariq Khosa.

The court directed that head of inquiry committee should appear before it on October, 27 and present inquiry committee in nurse harassment case.