The holy month of Muharram is starting, and before any incident takes place the government is advised to take steps to forestall any untoward incidents. Out of my anti-terrorism experience, some suggestions are offered. All Majalis places should be registered with the local government and other than these, no Zakir should be allowed to conduct a Majlis. Parking areas should be away from the compounds of these gatherings. The old and sick may be dropped, after due clearance, and vehicles should go back to the parking area.

All entry points should be well guarded and each person attending the Majlis should be scanned and searched. Keeping in view of the prevailing conditions in the country, the procession on 10th of Muharram should be restricted to smaller safe routes. The mourning or breast beating could be done indoors rather than on roads where huge crowds become security risk. Armed plain clothes police guards should be deployed in all gatherings to keep an eye on terrorists whose movements are always suspicious.


Lahore, October 21.