Highlighting the importance of clean water for human health, Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Vice Chancellor Dr Khawaja Alqama has said that installation of a Reverse Osmosis water filtration plant by the Department of Food Sciences is a big achievement of the department.

Addressing the faculty members and students after inaugurating the plant here the other day, the VC added that the plant would facilitate the faculty members, students and university employees at large as it had the water production capacity of 2,000 litres per hour. He said that the Department of Food Science would continue to serve the society by bringing solutions to food and water issues.

Speaking on this occasion, the chairman of the department Dr Saed Akhtar said that the research conducted by the department confirmed that the water samples taken from Multan and BZU campus were not fit for human health. "That's why we felt the need to install a filtration plant," he added.

Later on, the students of the department put on display different items manufactured by them like pizza, donuts and petties. The exhibition received a big appreciation from the participants of the function.

Meanwhile, the VC kicked off a five-day training programme for the officers. The programme is jointly launched by the Higher Education Commission and Quality Enhancement Department of BZU. Speaking on this occasion, the VC said that as head of the institution, he had to face serious problems because of lack of proper skills in the officers. He maintained that many officers were even oblivious of rules. "Keeping in view this situation, this training programme is launched to improve the performance of officers. It will help speed up things in our offices," he hoped.