President Ghani says Pakistan is not a brother country. He lived in Pakistan for years. Even his Western wife lived here. His kids brought up here, along with four millions of Afghan refugees whose exodus from Afghanistan started in 70s and more than half of whom are still enjoying life while living across Pakistan.

Wheat, atta, rice, grains, cattle, cloth, households, kitchen items, all petroleum products, building and construction materials, everything concerning daily life is going from Pakistan to Afghanistan, besides labour, experts force working in dangerous environments from this end to that end of the country. The Afghans living in Pakistan have got identity cards, bought properties, business and commercial, transport and communication centres – from Khyber to Karachi. They have burdened Pakistan’s economy, contaminated the civil society. Their children’s children are in Pakistani schools and the parents are not willing to go back despite so-called peace in Afghanistan. Yet you call us no brother?

Yes you proved at the time of Pakistan’s coming into being by not recognizing us. Yes you are proving even today, forgetting what we did for you, suffered for you during the last four decades. Our plight is unending because of you. We continue to getting killed at the hands of terrorists, the menace of yours, yet you call us no brother. Wah.


Islamabad, October 1.