LAHORE - Senior politician from Multan Makhdum Javid Hashmi met Punjab Governor Malik Mohammad Rafique Rajwana at Governor House yesterday.

It was his third meeting with the governor in the past six months which raised many eye brows in the political circles which believe Mr Hashmi might be on his way to formally join the PML-N, the party he left earlier to join the PTI.

Rajwana and Hashmi have been colleagues in the past and belong to the same region. Analysts are giving credence to the prospects of his joining the PML-N since the latter needs an influential politician like him in the south ahead of the upcoming local bodies’ elections. Hashmi could also be helpful to the PML-N to contain the PTI in that region, they say.

According to an official handout, Hashmi expressed his faith in continuation of the democratic process and spoke against those striving to come to power through back doors. It was an indirect reference to the PTI which he left in 2014 accusing its party chief of siding with the military to dismantle the government

The two politicians also discussed overall political situation and the ongoing development projects in Multan, the handout further said.