LAHORE - While the people take the days off, observing religious rituals or celebrating Eid or national holidays, there are few who stay in the field and the sanitary worker is one such person.

On Eid and on Special Holidays the waste generation increases as people move to recreational spots. On Eidul Azha, Waste Generation increases three times. The workers stay in field on the night before Eid to ensure zero waste generation in waste containers so that next day offals and animal dung can be handled more efficiently.

Besides the Lahore Waste Management Company, the contract company Albayrak sets up separate waste transfer stations. This year 34 waste transfer stations were set up. 500 extra vehicles were deputed and sanitary workers work in three shifts. Collective slaughter houses are washed. Cattle markets are swept and the workers spend their whole day in the field.

On the occasion of Ashura, the focus has shifted to the routes of procession. The lime would be sprinkled after washing and sweeping of roads and in the evening the routs will be cleared again. Imambargahs are being washed on daily basis. Up till now 75 Imam Bargahs have been washed this Muharram.

On all other occasions, the roads are swept. Open plots are cleared of waste to make sure that Lahorites enjoy their holiday in clean Lahore.

Apart from regular operational activities, the awareness campaigns go side by side. The workers enthusiastically become a part of this campaign.

In return of their hard work, the sanitary worker wants nothing but respect.