LAHORE  - Hundreds of Wapda workers took out protest rally against the brutal killings of the innocent Muslims in 1ndia and Kashmir yesterday, says a press release.

The rally started from Bakhtiar Labour Hall and passed through Nisbat Road, McLeod Road and Abbot Road and concluded at Lakshmi Chowk.

The rally held under the auspices of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union CBA and led by veteran trade union leader general secretary of the union and accompanied by Sajid Kazmi Ch Maqsood Ahmed, Sheikh Shoaib, Rana Shakoor, Ch Javed, Osama Tariq Secretary All Pakistan Workers Confederation and other representatives of the trade unions.

The rally passed a resolution urging to the Secretary General of the United Nations and President Islamic Organization to intervene and get stopped the genocide of Muslims of India and Kashmir by Modi Regime of India and get respected the Fundamental Rights of each person in accordance with United Nation Organization Conventions in India protecting the lives and dignity of the minorities at the religious extremists.

By another resolution, the house urged to the Prime Minister to introduce far reaching reforms to tackle growing unemployment and poverty and introduce agrarian reforms and adopt national economic reform and raise productivity of national public utilities and not privatise them in the wider public interest.