LAHORE -  People's Liberation Army (China) soldiers Thursday made their presence felt in the 1st International PACES 2016 competition by grabbing all the three positions in the Combat Efficiency Test (CET) category of the First International PACES Competition here at Mehfooz Shaheed Garrison.

Chinese army athletes put up a stunning show for the much surprise of their opponents and the hosts to remain unchallengeable in CET, showcasing their talent, endurance and technique, said the information made available by ISPR.

It is for the first time in the ongoing PACES that the home soldiers, who had earlier won the sit-ups and pushups competitions, failed to make their mark. In the competition of 14 countries armies, the Chinese athletes rose to the occasion in CET which was not only the essence but was the most interesting category contested in the whole event.

The competitors were given a grueling task to reach and hit the target, covering a 165 square meter area, in the shortest possible time. From the starting point to the end the soldiers were required to pass through 11 different obstacles including a zigzag run, jumping a 9 meter ditch, causality lifting to a safe place, crawling through a 20 inch high barred den, carrying an ammunition box, grabbing the weapon, lobbing a grenade to clear the area before firing five shots at the target.

Huang Lei completed the whole exercise in 50.40 seconds. He was followed by his team mate Sun Dongfeng who took 51.89 seconds. Third position also went to the Chinese soldier Wang Jianhe who consumed 52.13 seconds.

Today (Sunday), the mini marathon (3.2 kilometer) will commence from Askari-10 and will end at Ayub Stadium. The men of all age groups can participate in it while the mini marathon (2 kilometer) will begin from Lahore Garrison and Golf & Country Club and end at Ayub Stadium in which ladies and children of all age groups can participate.