LAHORE - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has a clear conscience on Panama Papers and he is ready to defend himself before the court of law, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said yesterday.

“PTI’s petition against PM and others is at the stage of maintainability (so far not admitted to regular hearing) yet the premier will not take support of this technical ground and will fight the allegations before the Supreme Court,” the chief minister said at the inaugural ceremony of Dealers Vehicles Registration System. Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman was also present on the occasion.

Shehbaz also denounced the PTI’s plan for Islamabad lockdown on November 2. After the PM has presented himself to authority of law, he said, the Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf has lost every justification to hold a protest sit-in anywhere in the country.

Terming the Islamabad shutdown a scheme and conspiracy against the government, the CM said that PTI wants not only to closedown Islamabad but Pakistan, only to deny it the fruit of CPEC and the economic progress under the PML-N government.

Previously, Shehbaz said, the prime minister offered himself and his children to Judicial Commission probe but it was mainly the PTI which threw a spanner in its constitution. Subsequently this party (PTI) sabotaged formation of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) and hampered the bill presented before the Parliament for improving the law on the subject after the Supreme Court had found the same framed in 1956 insufficient to meet the demand of accountability on the matter of offshore companies, he added.

“The PTI does not accept any institution,” the CM said, recalling that Imran Khan did not accept report of the judicial commission set up on his demand to hold probe into the alleged rigging in the last general elections.

“No other than the Prime Minister highly respects supremacy of law,” Shehbaz said, adding after what the PM has decided the voice to lockdown Islamabad does not stand to reason.

“The country will drift into destruction if the authority of even Supreme Court is not accepted while the PTI sticks to politics of agitation.

The CM said despite all odds, the PML-N is committed to progress and development of the country and will not budge to the opponents of country’s wellbeing and its economic thriving.

Highly praising the performance of Pak-Army, police and other security agencies, government and the people in fight against terrorism and extremism, the CM said that the government focus is also on ending corruption in the country.

Spotlighting salient features of the Dealers Vehicles Registration System (DVRS), he said this system not only promises cleansing the vehicular registration of corruption and help trace out the car using bogus number plates to in turn tackle terrorism in a befitting manner but generation of extra revenue as well.

He also assured to transfer know-how of the system to other provinces to enable its scope spread across the country. “The law framed on the system, will also lay hand on the unauthorized manufacturers of number plates and to administer them deterrent punishment,” he added.

Meanwhile, the chief minister paid a surprise visit to District Headquarters Hospital Kasur, where he reviewed medical facilities for patients, sanitary arrangements as well as inquired after the patients. Talking to the hospital administration, the chief minister said that improvement in medical facilities and cleanliness arrangements does not mean that the target has been achieved. “This process should be continued,” he told the hospital staff.

Shehbaz Sharif expressed indignation over non-availability of soap or hand wash lotion in washrooms and asked if hand wash lotion could be made available in the washroom of MS, why poor patients were deprived of this facility.

He directed the administration to install hand dryer machines besides provision of towels, soap and hand-wash lotion in the patients’ washrooms.

He further ordered suspension of EDO Health for improper facilities of parking, filthy conditions and bee-hives in the stairs and said that officers paying no attention to mitigate the suffering of humanity have no right to remain on their posts.

During the visit, the CM announced a cash prize of Rs50,000 and a commendatory certificate for Dr Muhammad Arif for saving the leg of a patient from amputation. He also urged the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to look after the patients as if they are members of their own family.

Shehbaz Sharif reiterated his pledge to provide modern healthcare to the people of Punjab.

Separately, CM Shehbaz held a meeting with MNA Ejaz-ul-Haq and shared views on the matters of mutual interest and political situation of the country.

Haq termed the announcement of lockdown of Islamabad as undemocratic and unethical and said that after hearing of the case in Supreme Court, there was no justification for lockdown of Islamabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Shehbaz Sharif said that the country is far more peaceful, safe and prosperous than before. Due to effective economic policies, he added, the country has been put on the road to speedy development and foreign exchange reserves are at the highest level in the country’s history.

“CPEC is harbinger of a bright future of Pakistan and work is being carried out speedily on the projects throughout the country,” the CM told Ejaz-ul-Haq.

Shehbaz urged the need for collective efforts for progress of the country. He said that the country cannot afford politics of protest and sit-ins.

“Under democratic system, decisions are taken in parliament and not through lockdown of cities and sit-ins,” he stated.

He further expressed the hope that all development projects would be completed in the country and Pakistan will achieve its lost status and common man will prosper besides darkness will be removed from the country.