KASUR -  Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif yesterday declared that a little improvement in healthcare and sanitary conditions doesn’t mean that the set goal of providing requisite facilities to patients in public hospitals has been achieved.

“Though the cleanliness arrangements seem much better on the hospital premises but it doesn’t meet the required standard,” The Punjab chief minister stated during a surprise visit to DHQ Hospital here on Saturday.

During his visit, he went round different wards, inspected cleanliness arrangements and inquired after patients’ health. He also sought their satisfaction over the facilities being provided at the hospital. The CM expressed his displeasure over unavailability of soaps and hand-wash lotion at the patients’ washrooms. “Poverty is not a crime, if hand-wash lotions are placed at doctors’ washrooms, why the poor people are kept deprived of this facility,” he reprimanded the officials concerned and ordered them to place hand-dryers, clean towels and soaps in the patients toilets. He also admonished the EDO Health after witnessing poor parking-management, lots of dust in medicine’s store and beehives on the hospital premises. He ordered suspension of the EDO health, reminding the officials that provision of best medical facilities in the hospital is their responsibility. “If requisite facilities are not being provided to the patients then the officials have no right to stay on their posts,” he declared. The CM, however, rejoiced at the restoration of TB ward, installation of six dialysis machines and a cooling fridge to store medicines and injections.

Meanwhile, the CM showered Dr Arif with praise and announced Rs50,000 and commendatory certificates for him for successfully treating a patient to avert amputation of his one leg. “If the doctors work like Dr Arif, 80 percent of patients’ complaints would be eliminated,” he claimed.

Talking to doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, he said that they are serving humanity and they must perform this noble duty with dedication. He also stressed same uniform and shoes for nurses. The CM also pledged to continue visiting the hospital until all the problems complained by patients are addressed.