Karachi - Advisor to Sindh CM Maula Bux Chandio on Saturday said that Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar’s address to the business community shows that the federal government is in a panicked situation.

In a statement issued here, Chandio said that instead of addressing the issues of the business community in the meeting, the federal minister addressed the event considering it a public gathering of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

He said it seemed that federal ministers were feeling threatened by PTI’s planned protest and sit-in. “It looks like that their departure is imminent; either today or tomorrow,” he prophesied.

He said that clarifications from the prime minister and his cabinet members indicate fragility of the government’s state of mind.

“It appears that the PML-N will prefer breaking the signal instead of waiting for the light to turn green,” he apprehended.

He noted that PML-N ministers did not have the patience and restraint that they have to show in current circumstances.